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Остросюжетный криминальный телесериала «Прослушка» по большей части основан на личном опыте Эда Бернса, который является одним из авторов сценария, и в свое время работал в отделе по расследованию убийств полиции Балтимора.

Действие сериала разворачивается в Балтиморе, где в последнее время очень сильно вырос оборот наркотиков. Местная полиция прикладывает немало усилий, чтобы повлиять на сложившуюся ситуацию, однако поймать преступников оказывается задачей не из легких. Бандиты мало того что очень тщательно все скрывают, так еще и невероятно быстро проворачивают свои сделки. Когда противостояние между наркоторговцами и полицией достигает своего апогея, и все заканчивается тем, что блюстители закона терпят фиаско, в ситуацию вмешивается опытный детектив Джеймс Макналти. Он прибегает к помощи хитроумной аппаратуры, благодаря которой пытается вычислить всех причастных к наркоторговле людей…

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Unique schools in the world. luc essay reading service writing a philosophy paper manditory community service essay Have you ever dreamed of studying at an unusual school? I think most people are actively nodding their heads at this point. And it's not a secret. Today, movies are constantly playing on TV, where children study at the school of super heroes or are engaged in classes of real geniuses. And if we talk about Hogwarts, then, probably, every child dreamed of getting a letter by owl mail at the age of 11. All this is great, but, in the end, we come to ordinary schools and sit at ordinary desks, not suspecting that somewhere far away there are unique and unique schools. Waldorf school (Germany) It looks just like an old building built in 1919, but the program that children study is amazing in its level. There is no memorization of lessons or tests. The peculiarity is that all children "experience" history anew. First they learn myths and legends, then they go on to the Bible stories. So, class by class, they gradually plunge into the lives of people from different eras. legal essay writing service best custom paper writing service my passion for community service essay School with no discipline (Canada) It feels like this school contradicts everything else. We haven't even heard about grades, schedules, and homework here. Students can decide whether to go to class or not. In addition to the usual and well-known subjects, there are modeling, philosophy and cooking. But, and the most surprising thing is that the teacher has no right to interfere with children in any way.Adventure school (USA) Students of this school take the same subjects as we do: biology, geography, chemistry, Zoology, etc. The only difference is that they do not learn all this with textbooks in their hands, but watch directly in front of them. The architecture lesson is a walk around the city, during which you can admire old buildings, listening to interesting stories. Natural history is a fascinating river descent by kayak and Hiking in the woods and beach holidays. During the lessons, children model robots, come up with various games and create a rock band. Instead of physical education, they have yoga and Frisbee. writing a community service essay pay someone to write paper essay service price per page


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